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Jewish Adolescence

Jewish Aging
Jewish American History
Anti Semitism
Australian Jewry
Austrian Jewry
Bar Bat Bnai Mitzvah/ot
British Jewry
Canadian Jewry
Cuban Jewry
East European Jewry
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Generation X Jewry

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Please note that in January 2005 will sponsor SchmoozeDance 2006, our sixth SchmoozeDance film festival, held during the same week as the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah, in January 2006

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[women of the wall]
[trembling before g-d]
[voyages in french]
[roger ebert hits on jewish filmmakers]
[brooklyn babylon]
[my moms courage]
[94 years and a nursing home]
[mayor of the west side ]
[woody allen as a kosher butcher murderer]
[abcs of football]
[allerd is in love]
[laughter on the 23rd floor]
[nazareth 2000]

[one day crossnig]
[stolen summer project greenlight]
[divine intervention elias suleiman]
[the pianist roman polanski]
[vin diesel plays a jew]
[tehora purity]
[god is great I am not]
[keep on walking]
[the collector of Bedford street] [the divan by pearl gluck] [] [holyland] [American wedding] [anything else] [rosenstrasse] [blackisrael] [tikkun] [monsieur ibraham] [along came polly] [adio kerida] [ advice and dissent] [ amys orgasm] [ Number 17 by david ofek] [ Or] [ finding eleazar] [ imaginary witness] [ kosher_short witness] [ susei yam] [ concordia witness]
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Highlighted Spring 2005 Film Fests
Sephardic FF, NYC Feb 2005
After Exodus FF, NYC Feb 28, 2005 (Los Angeles), March 11-12, 2005
Columbia Unbecoming, March 21, NYC
Homeland In-Security, NYC, April 2005
Tribeca Film Festival, April 2005
Jewish Student FF, NYU, April 16, 2005

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Meet The Fockers
Merchant of Venice (Pacino)
Assisted Living
Born into Brothels
Walk on Water (Goldwyn)
Sunset Story
Paper Clips
Raging Dove

Watch for details on our Fiddler on the Roof Sing-a-long in New York City in 2005

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